Boldly going where no brand has gone before

A few years ago, Green Chile Food Company set out to build a company around one boldly simple idea: Make a wildly better and more flavorful off-the-shelf burrito.

It wouldn’t be easy. Grocery and convenience stores are filled with burritos touting to be “all natural” or “100% organic.” But in their race to be the latest flavor of the month, they forgot to include the most important thing.

The flavor. Bold, authentic, mouthwatering flavor. The kind that makes your tongue scream out with joy for every delicious bite.

It’s what we here at Green Chile Food Company call The Bold Standard.

It starts with a freshly made flour tortilla. Then we add in a bevy of fresh ingredients, our signature Salsas and bold Southwest spices to crank up the flavor to irresistible. Finally, we roll each burrito by hand to make sure every bite tastes just right.

Since this bold beginning,

It was a bold move, focusing on more flavor and better quality. But it’s paid off. Today, Green Chile Food Company is one of the fastest growing and innovative Southwest cuisine companies.

Are we one of the big guys yet? No. But we’re building quite a loyal following. After all, when you’re boldly going where no brand’s gone before, there’s no telling how far you can go.